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Dealership finance too good to be true!

Dealership financing could drive up the price of your car!

Dealership finance too good to be true!

I am sure you’ve heard of low rate car financing from car dealerships. Sometimes they offer crazy rates as low as 0% p.a. Have you ever wondered how they do it?

If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The truth is that using dealership finance can take away your ability to negotiate on price. The discounts and rebates that car manufacturers regularly offer, can just disappear!

That's where we come in, we are here to help show you that it's not just about rate, it is about the overall cost of the loan. This includes loans for cars, trucks and even plant and equipment for your business. Just like our home loan offer, we can shop around with lenders to find exactly the right loan for you considering your personal circumstances.

So don’t fall for any crazy finance offers from your car dealer. Let us help you get the right financing in place, so you can then go ahead and negotiate a better deal on whatever car you want to buy.

Find out more about how we can make car financing options work for you. Speak to us!

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